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"Most of us spend too much time on the last twenty-four hours and too little on the last six thousand years." ~Will Durant

My Excellent Compuper Skills, and Arkansas

Mock-up cover of book. Sketch by Hahnah Rae.

Mock-up cover of book. Sketch by Hahnah Rae.

In January and through February I had mostly taken a break from too much researching and instead busted my ass driving Uber to save some money. Not for a future research trip mind you, but for a new computer. Not like a full-time job but as much as my anxiety would allow for. It was enough to actually make me sick!

When I had my small fortune I made a decision. I was to join the Dark Side, deciding upon going Mac. It’s confusing, I still must figure how to get so much of my work put onto it, and it is taking sometime to adjust. However, I absolutely love it.

I must once again thank Annie and her husband, Josh, for making this all possible. I can truly say “I have a guy” when  it comes to computers. It makes feel special to say it. Like Barney Stinson!

While getting aquatinted with it I made a mock-up cover of the Yarberry biography. It contains the sketch by Hahnah Rae which is based on an alleged photograph of Milton.

I am also in the process of preparing for my Arkansas research tip. I came across an article a couple of days ago from 1873 which actually indicates the Armstrong lead is the correct one as to Milton’s possible true identity. it gives credence to what we have been told and matches a couple of stories.

What I am still struggling with is that I cannot track down the earliest source of where the notion came from in regards to Yarberry actually being Armstrong. I can go back to an article in the 60’s but I am certain that’s not where it came from.  I am dying to discover who posited this or dug up the original source.

Oh well.

Thanks for your time reading this short rambling


Edit: I have purchased my Mac and love it! If I am able to, I have a quick trip north the first week of April for my Father's memorial. After I return I will turn around by the first week of May to drive to Arkansas for 7-10 days of research.

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